Why do business with a member?
Today’s home building industry requires skilled craftspeople and knowledgeable professionals who are, at the same time, modern businessmen and women committed to quality and a solid code of ethics. Manitowoc County Home Builders Association helps these professionals in their challenge of wearing many hats and constantly staying abreast of the latest industry trends, new building technology, innovative financing plans, changes in state and local building codes and ordinances and much more.

You want to be confident that your builder, remodeler, contractor and suppliers are current on the things that are important to the success of your project. Members of MCHBA are committed to professional growth that will benefit you when you choose to do business with a member.

Members have access to industry information, research and technical expertise not only from Manitowoc County Home Builders Association (MCHBA) but also from the Wisconsin Builders Association (WBA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Members belong to all three organizations, and this strong network provides education and training opportunities often unavailable to non-members.

Membership in Manitowoc County Home Builders Association is a choice and one which requires the commitment of annual dues. The individuals and companies who join Manitowoc County HBA have sought out the services the association provides to help them maintain high standards in all aspects of their businesses.

Whether you are building a new home or improving the home you have, Manitowoc County Home Builders Association is on your side by encouraging in its members high ethical and professional standards for the production of quality products and the practice of exceptional customer service.

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